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Rest easy during pregnancy with our specialized pillows. Tailored for comfort and support, they ease discomfort for better sleep. Discover relaxation with CocoFoam.

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CocoFoam Maternity Pillow: Designed for women’s comfort during pregnancy, it provides targeted support.
  • CocoFoam Maternity Pillow: Our pillow is engineered for comprehensive support throughout pregnancy and is tailored for expectant mothers.
  • Enjoy customizable comfort with easily adjustable filling options for personalized relaxation. Choose from U, and C shapes to accommodate various sleeping preferences and needs.
  • Beyond pregnancy, our versatile pillow serves as a multipurpose companion for reading, nursing, and more. We are crafted with breathable polycotton fabric and plush stuffing for a cozy experience.
  • Easily maintain hygiene with a removable, washable cover for added convenience.
  • Promote quality sleep akin to a baby’s comfort with our supportive design, ideal for side sleepers—a thoughtful gift for expectant mothers and loved ones, showcasing care and consideration for their well-being.
CocoFoam Maternity Pillow: The Ultimate Support Solution
  • Back Support: Our U-shaped pillow offers unparalleled back support, effectively reducing pain for mothers-to-be.
  • Belly Support: Specifically designed to cradle and support the stomach and curves during pregnancy.
  • Head, Neck, and Shoulder Support: Encourages side sleeping, ensuring alignment of the head, neck, and shoulders for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Experience Comfort and Coziness with CocoFoam Maternity Pillow: Features of CocoFoam Maternity Pillow:
  • Zipper: Convenient zipper design for easy removal and cleaning of the pillowcase.
  • Cotton Poly Cover: Soft and cozy polycotton outer cover for added comfort.
  • Conjugate Fiber Stuffing: Filled with soft conjugate fiber stuffing, providing optimal support for expectant mothers.
  • CocoFoam U-Shaped Maternity Pillow: How to Fluff Your Pillow: Gently pat and fold the pillow to maintain its fluffy texture. Fluff the pillow in upward and downward motions for maximum comfort.

Elevate your maternity comfort with CocoFoam’s supportive and luxurious maternity pillow.

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