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Blossom Mattresses are crafted keeping in mind the high standards of comfort and luxury which we want to deliver to each and every person. High Resiliency(HR) foam is the highest grade of polyurethane foam and weighs 2.5lbs or more per cubic foot. These foams contour to the body exceptionally well, and their cell structure enables extreme elasticity and optimal supporting force. These foams distribute pressure across an entire surface, so they help mattresses block the transfer of motion from one sleeper to another. This is an especially valuable mattress feature for those who share a bed with a restless partner.

Features & Benefits

COMFORT LAYER : High quality fibre and foam layres for superior performance and longer comfort life.

SUPPORT SYSTEM : The elasticity of HR foam helps to prolong the comfort life of a mattress so the more high-resiliency foam, the longer you can expect a mattress to retain its showroom level of comfort.

LONGER LIFE : High Resiliency foams should last for atleast ten years, meaning mattresses containg these faoms typically carry a strong warranty.

10 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY : You can now sleep soundly knowing that your new mattress has been masterfully crafted using premium materials and is backed by 10 years warranty.

Unicased Egde Support

High Resilience Support

Fire Retendant Fabric

10 Years Warranty

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