Coco Foam

Cocofoam is naturally comfortable as it keeps up with the trend of being and happy, the natural wary. A soft sinking mattress is no more anyone's favourite as it's considered to be bad for the back and greatly effects the sleep. Sleeping on an ordinary mattress is like getting trapped in heat considering the hot Indian climate. So, now, you have a mattress that breathes to keep you cool, made with natural coir fibre. No wonder more and more people are turning to Conofoam's comfort, naturally.

Cocofoam mattress is made up of rich quality coir fibre and latex bound to provide good support. A high-density center takes care of extra body weight and thus prevents sagging. The structure of the mattress prevents building up of heat, and allows a free air circulation. And the extra ordingary foam provides good cushioning and comfort, with an elegant finishing touch. So, now, you get a real sleeping comfort. Cocofoam is made with state-of-the-art Austrian technology, designed and tested to meet the international standers.

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